11 Medals in Munster Championships

Great Performances by all our club athletes in the Munster Championships.

Conor O’Donoghue crossed the finish line 1st to take the gold medal in the boys u-9  3oom race.

Grace Coyle jumped 3.62m to take silver in the girls u-11 longjump.

Kate Farley finished 3rd in the 60m sprint and got bronze.

In the pairs U-11 Grace and Kate won the team Silver Medal in both the sprint and longjump .

Ava Coyle jumped 4.72m to take silver in the girls u-13 longjump.

Lia Farley jumped 4.83m to win gold in the girls u-14 longjump.

Eoin Redmond won gold with a time of 4:44.12 in the boys u-14  1500m race.