Daily Archives June 14, 2015

11 Medals in Munster Championships

Great Performances by all our club athletes in the Munster Championships.

Conor O’Donoghue crossed the finish line 1st to take the gold medal in the boys u-9  3oom race.

Grace Coyle jumped 3.62m to take silver in the girls u-11 longjump.

Kate Farley finished 3rd in the 60m sprint and got bronze.

In the pairs U-11 Grace and Kate won the team Silver Medal in both the sprint and longjump .

Ava Coyle jumped 4.72m to take silver in the girls u-13 longjump.

Lia Farley jumped 4.83m to win gold in the girls u-14 longjump.

Eoin Redmond won gold with a time of 4:44.12 in the boys u-14  1500m race.